All you Wanted to Know about Tata Technologies Share Price

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Look no further if you want to know all about Tata Technologies’ shares from unlisted to listed shares last year. As one of the Tata Group’s unlisted shares, Tata Technologies performed well and, after IPO, gave a stellar performance of 180 % intraday return and 140% return at the end of the first day of listing. Tata Technologies started as a subsidiary of Tata Motors to provide unique design, product development, and other engineering services to make a better world in 1989 and became an independent company in 1994. Though Tata Technologies’ unlisted share has performed well for nearly three decades, it came out with the IPO only in November 2023. The listed Tata Technologies share price has the best listing to give the best returns last year and for the past two years. 

So, in this blog, let us discuss all you want to know about Tata Technologies share and its price movements as an unlisted and listed share to give high yields to investors like you to buy it from the top broker to make a safe and wise investment. 

Everything about Tata Technologies share

Tata Motors, one of the flagship Tata Group companies making vehicles from 1947, started TTL or Tata Technologies Ltd. In 1989, to provide design and development for electric cars. In 1994, the 43% Tata Motors-owned subsidiary became a separate company providing engineering and business process outsourcing services, among others, to the automotive industry worldwide. With over 12,000 skilled employees worldwide, Tata Techenables engineering the next generation of autonomous and connected electric vehicles. Also, to reimagine digital transformation for many top companies worldwide to show excellent results year after year. Hence, Tata Technologies’ unlisted shares traded in the grey market were in high demand among investors. As a Tata Group share, it came out with an IPO at a premium of Rs. 500 to list around Rs. 1,400 intraday, which gave a 180% return. At the end of the listing day, it settled at Rs. 1,200 to provide a return of 140%, which only a handful of shares have given in the last few years. 

Post IPO Tata Technologies stock price rise

After hitting a high of 1,400 on the listing day on December 1, 2023, which is over Rs. 900 over its premium price of Rs. 500, Tata Technologies’ stock price came down to Rs. 1,020, an all-time all-time low. Even at that low price, Tata Technologies’ share price gives a return of over 100% over its premium price of Rs. 500. Now it is Tata Tech. It is trading in the top exchanges for around Rs. 1,100 to give high returns in the future. 

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