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Understanding Kragnos

Kragnos, known as the End of Empires, is a formidable character in the Age of Sigmar universe. He is a towering figure, representing destruction and chaos. Kragnos possesses incredible strength, resilience, and an array of devastating abilities that make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. His presence alone is enough to instill fear in the hearts of opponents, and his inclusion in the IJ tournament list has sparked interest among players.

Kragnos in the IJ Tournament List

The addition of Kragnos to the IJ tournament list brings a new level of versatility and power. With his unique abilities and synergy with other units, Kragnos opens up exciting possibilities for IJ players to reshape their strategies. However, it’s important to carefully consider his points cost and the impact on the overall composition of the list skyward fbisd.

Building an IJ Tournament List with Kragnos

To maximize the potential of Kragnos in the IJ tournament list, a player must strike a balance between his inclusion and other essential units. It’s crucial to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each unit and create a cohesive army that capitalizes on Kragnos’ abilities. Players may choose to pair Kragnos with powerful Ironjawz heroes or units that complement his playstyle.

Strategies and Synergies

Kragnos brings a unique set of abilities and synergies to the IJ tournament list. His presence alone inspires nearby units, granting them bonuses to hit rolls. Additionally, his immense size and strength make him an ideal candidate for taking down high-value targets on the battlefield. Combining Kragnos with units that can support his strengths or compensate for his weaknesses can lead to devastating results.

The Impact of Kragnos on IJ’s Competitive Viability

With the inclusion of Kragnos, the IJ tournament list gains an undeniable boost in competitive viability. His unique abilities and synergies provide IJ players with new strategies and tactical options. However, it’s important to adapt and refine these strategies through practice and experience, as the metagame and opponents’ lists continue to evolve.

Kragnos, the End of Empires, has made a significant impact on the IJ tournament list. His inclusion brings new dimensions to gameplay and opens up exciting possibilities for players. Building a cohesive army around Kragnos requires careful consideration of unit synergies and composition. With practice and adaptation, players can harness the immense power of Kragnos to dominate the competitive scene.


1. Can I include Kragnos in my Ironjawz tournament list without compromising its effectiveness?

Absolutely! Kragnos can be a valuable addition to an Ironjawz tournament list, provided that the overall composition is carefully crafted to capitalize on his strengths.

2. Are there any specific units or heroes that synergize particularly well with Kragnos?

Units such as Megabosses and Warchanters can enhance Kragnos’ effectiveness in combat. It’s important to consider the abilities and strengths of each unit when building a synergistic army.

3. How does Kragnos impact the playstyle of an Ironjawz army?

Kragnos’ presence encourages an aggressive playstyle, focusing on overwhelming the opponent with brute force. His abilities and synergies enable devastating charges and the elimination of high-value targets.

4. Is Kragnos considered a must-have unit in every Ironjawz tournament list?

While Kragnos brings undeniable power to the table, his inclusion in a tournament list ultimately depends on the player’s preferred playstyle and strategic goals.

5. Where can I find more resources and discussions about Kragnos and Ironjawz tournament lists?

You can explore dedicated Age of Sigmar forums, online communities, and social media groups focused on competitive play to discover valuable insights and engage in discussions about Kragnos and Ironjawz tournament lists.

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